Red Wine
Il Borgo House Red£17.50
Out- very own delicious house wine! Medium bodied &full of ripe berry fruit flavours. Glass(4.25)
Fruity and medium bodied with a characteristic winey and floral bouquet reminiscent of cherry blossom.
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo£22.50
Aromatic bouquet reminiscent of small red berries, vanilla and cocoa. Full-bodied with a soft and velvety taste.
A persistent bouquet and flavours of soft ripe fruits. Well rounded & structured.
Shiraz (South Africa)£24.50
Votes of rich spices and cherry fruit flavours. Light tannins and a smooth finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon 11 Cavaliere£24.90
Intense ruby red in colour with hints of herbs and wild berries. Medium dry and full bodied.
Barbera d'Asti£26.50
Mouth filling succulent super ripe fruit flavours are balanced with gentle spice and a hint of sweet dreaminess from small oak barrels, a great combination with most red meats and pastas.
Giome (Cabernet & Merlot blend)£27.50
The fictitious name derives from the ancient Roman meaning of `two things coming together', in this case the joining of two well know grape varieties. Well rounded and smooth with an enveloping mouth feel.
Syrah Nero d'Avola£27.50
Two native Sicilian grapes combined to produce a wine with hints of elegant berries, spices and liquorice. Full bodied with a velvety finish on the palate.
Dolcetto d'Alba£27.90
An authentic wine from Piedmont with intense fragrances ofwild woodland.fruits, plums & cherry.
Cannonau di Sardegna£32.50
Superb structure with aromas and flavours of black cherry and raspberry, finishing off with a warm and tannic enveloping mouth-feel
Originating from 4 of the red grape vines of the Garda area; Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera. Produce a modern wine that also has temperament. Warm, full-bodied with tones of mature fruit, tobacco and spices.
Chianti Classico Riserva£37.50
Matured in Slavonian barrels and small French barriques. Deep ruby red, full-boded and elegant with the scent of' violets and vanilla. Highly recommended.
A complex bouquet of small red fruits, cacao and spices. The taste is full, well-bodied, elegant, warm, enveloping and smooth. Fantastic with robust meat dishes and cheeses.
A strong fragrance with the bouquet of roses, violets, raspberries, plums and a complete range of spices, leather and liquourice. Rich and full flavoured yet elegant and mysterious.
Brunello di Montalcino£75.00
The most aristocratic of Italian wines. Deep ruby-red in colour, tending to garnet with maturation. A characteristic and intense bouquet. Dry, warm, tannic, robust and lively in the mouth yet harmonious.
White Wine
Il Borgo House White£17.50
Our very own delicious house wine! Dry with sumptuous apple & apricot flavours. Glass (175 ml ) 4.25
Trebbiano & Garganega£18.50
A delightful blend of two well known grape varieties. Crisp & dry with soft, supple flavours.
Light & dry with the typical warm, enveloping mouth feel.
Smooth with light acidity, and the classic hint of almond on the nose.
Elegantly structured with delicate fruity undertones followed by a pleasant aromatic. finish.
Pinot Grigio£23.50
A delightful dry and full flavoured white wine with a delicate fragrance and smooth texture.
Fresh and well structured with notes of almonds, peach and a characteristic light bitterness.
Full varietal flavours, dry and clean with the classic hint of gooseberry. Well balanced with an elegant finish.
A native Sicilian grape variety where the grapes are harvested early to enhance the freshness, the bouquet is herbaceous with a refreshing and refined taste.
Lugana `Ca Maiol'£28.50
The mineral rich soils of Lake Garda help produce a wine that is characteristic of the land, fresh, full-bodied, clean with notes of kiwi, peach & almond.
Greco di Tufo
Produced only from selected grapes, this wine is intensely aromatic with a hint of peach and almonds. Good weight offruit on the palate gives a sort, honeyed roundness
Gavi di Gavi
The aroma is intense and refined with fruity and flowery scents. Perfect when served with appetizers or with a main meal of fish and white meats.
Vermentino di Gallura£35.00
Full-bodied and complex on the palate, with judicious acidity, light bitterness and a leisurely, full flavoured finish; overall, very harmonious.
Rose Wine
Bardolino Chiaretto£21.50
Fresh, fruity and well ,structured.
Pinot Grigio Blush£28.50
A stylish and refreshing wine, light salmon pink in colour. Fresh and medium dry with a good fruity bouquet.
Champagne and Sparkling
A brilliant and lively wine, softly straw coloured with a light bubbly froth, harmonious bouquet and the right touch of dry characteristic taste.
Veuve Lorinte - Champagne
Medium-dry, with a fruity but elegant palate with a good mousse and fine tight bubbles.